Authentic Pav Bhaji recipe by Master chef Sanjeev Kapoor

21 Aug

Pav Bhaji

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  • A plate of Pav-bhaji. It’s a high-carb, high-cal meal consisting of dinner rolls (pav) shallow-fried in generous amounts of butter and a spicy vegetable curry (bhaji.) Take a pav, put a couple of heaped table spoons of bhaji, top it with some onions & lime juice and you have one of the most popular street foods of India. It is so popular that it has a permanent place in the menus of Indian restaurants, north or south. Eating pav-bhaji on a balmy evening from a crowded city street stall has it’s own charm. The Indian eating-out experience is just not complete without it.

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    Thanks for that, very interesting on the subject. I will do some more googleing for Pav Bhaji Recipe